Kitchen Tips Found Along the Way – l

I firmly believe that this is a familiar moment for a lot of people who do cooking in bulk. Imagine this. You’ve been cooking for a while. Dishes are piled up next to your sink basin, and you’ve just placed some unspecified but well washed cut of meat down into some hot oil to sear.

Now. There are three instincts probably running through your brain right now. The first, is that you’ve just been handling meat, cleaning it, seasoning it and dropping it in the pan. You need to wash your hands.

The second, is that you desperately want to wiggle that pieces of meat around to see how its going. You want to get in there with your nosey little tongs and make sure it’s browning well. A truly counter intuitive impulse that would interrupt your browning.

Third, there is a screaming coming from behind your eyes about how washing those dishes is literally the last thing in this world you want to deal with right now. My scum bag brain can’t be the only one that insists, ‘Only cook. No clean.’.

Now. Lets fix all three of these problems with one new habit.

Never wash your hands again.

I mean, never only wash your hands again. When your kitchen is moving, its a living organism. Every piece or appliance relies on the next just like it relies on the last. Don’t fight that flow. Work with it. Enter the flow. As I see it, when we become Kitchen, we can cook whatever the hell we want.

So anyway, this rhythm has literally changed my life.

Next time you put down a piece of meat to sear and need to give it the minimum 3 minutes any worth it’s salt piece of meat requires to sear, remove yourself from the stove area completely. Head over to the sink and wash, not your hands, or at least not only your hands. Wash three minutes of dishes.

Obligatory Meal Prep Porn – Za’atar & Thyme Rubbed Turkey Breast with Veggies and Sweeties 

The real reason I started doing this was because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and for some reason, my hands are just dumb as hell when they are wet. One of the silliest tasks I have a very hard time doing is drying them on a dish towel. I can’t explain it. I would love to hear that someone else found this troubling.

But I mean, I set out to cluster together the number of times I wet my hands, and accidentally made myself a bit more efficient in the kitchen. And I started getting a better sear on my meat, which I mean come on, that’s just quality of life right there.

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