Baby Hulk Invented the Smash Cake Trend – Change My Mind

So grateful you don’t have to be a giant green rage monster to SMASH once in a while, because this photo shoot was THE most fun.

Amelia is turning 1 next month and was utterly delighted to have some fun with some props in preparation for the big day. Even though, in her honest option, the cake was a bit sweet. Not her fave.

We set this up in her living room. The material is from a yard sale. The lights were from a bargain store and the mood was all Amelia.

This was my first formal child’s photo shoot and after enduring her absolute diva temperament for all of one hour, (kidding, obviously, she’s a pro) I decided that everyone else is overcharging for this.

I supplied the cake and most of the props. I also took and edited the photos on my iPhone. This is not a $600 service. Things in NYC are getting out of control.

This is instead, a really fun thing that you should do with your family and friends. This is a really awesome creative outlet. And this is guaranteed, even if the pictures never get developed, to be an amazing memory.

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