Bar Round Up – or… Square Off….

 I know that when people say ‘I get asked all day long…’ it sounds like an exaggeration. But I am being 100% real when I tell you that someday, all day long, people are asking me what my favorite something is. 

Protein powder. Bars. Juice. Berry. Vitamin D Supplement. Alt Grain. Honestly, the questions just keep on coming. 

And I love it. Because this girl is never without an opinion. 

1.  The Queen – Shanti Bar – okay listen, for some reason, this bar doesn’t have the reputation that I think it deserves because it is literally, the tastiest, most nutritious, ‘cleanest’ meal bar I’ve ever found. More often then not, when I recommend it to a new comer, they say they are looking for something a little more serious.  So that’s when I point out that some of the flavors have a whopping 17grams of plant based organic protein and they start listening. Besides absolutely killing the game on ingredients, this super food and super lady powered small business also has the BEST flavors around. The Spirulina Almond! The Mango Cashew! The Acaia Chocolate! Stop! I can’t handle it. 

2.  The King – Jones Bar – These bars are on the completely different end of the price spectrum from Shanti Bars, their MSRP is only $2.60. They are lower in protein, simpler in packaging, but literally, so DELICIOUS. The first time I tasted one I exclaimed out loud, to a rep that they were ‘So loose!’ which was a weird thing to say, but it turns out, they are hand formed to achieve that adjective exactly. The Coconut Date flavor used to be my fave, but that title has recently been usurped by the Peanut Butter and Jelly.

3.  The Not A Bar Bar – BulletProof Bars – These crumble like hella but they are delicious and they are the most pleasant delivery system of MCT oil I have yet to encounter (which actually does wonders for me) but, they fall apart before I can eat them. I still buy them regularly though and crumble them on top of my yogurt. A Vanilla Kite Hill with a Cookie Dough Bullet Proof Bar, or a Strawberry Noosa with Fudge Brownie?. Send Help.

4.  The Come Back Kid – Primal Kitchen – These bars have been around a while, and I’m sorry, but they used to be like tooth breaking-ly hard. They also used to be the only collagen bar on the block so people just ate them and accepted the texture. But once Bulletproof showed up, they needed to make a change. And they did! The new Primal Kitchen bars are amazing! So much softer, still chewy and same great flavors. I no longer get nervous selling them to seniors.

5.  Aunt Lara – Lara Bars – I’m not going to sit here, and have the audacity to insult Lara Bars. They are delicious. They are clean. They are simple. And even though we don’t always carry them because of how saturated the market is with them, I could not be happier about how saturated the market is with them. Usually to get into every bodega and Duane Read in the city, you’ve got to have at least 3 different kinds of sugar in your ingredient list. But Lara Bars are so wholesome, so affordable and so accessible. Seriously, a step in the right direction. 

6.  Cult Classic – SunWarrior – I would never argue with a SunWarrior Protein fan. Because even though there aren’t many SW bar enthusiasts, the people who love these bars are LOYAL! People sometimes come into our shop from out of town, looking for SunWarrior Bars. Like people make the trip. I guess they either love a side quest or hate the internet. Whatever. I love SunWarrior. Their new protein powder packaging offers a breakdown of each amino acid present and is literally the most amazing food tool for going vegan. The bars are also super great, especially the new Coconut bar which should hit markets soon.

Dis-honorable mentions –

  1. Macro Bars, sure if you enjoy the taste of pea protein. 
  2. Cliff Bars, very flavorful door stops
  3. Perfect Bar, the worst offender of all. Completely full of sugar and dairy but somehow, completely beloved by the wellness community, causing me endless hours of confusion. 


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