Why So Sociable?

A lot of the people who know me in real life, frequently approach me and ask about my Instagram. Sometimes they are complementary, sometimes they are noticeably uncomfortable and sometimes they seem like they try to get a rise out of me.

I have, literally, two thousand followers, (small potatoes). But its very obvious how much effort I put into my pictures (captions, not so much) and I think that makes people who know me curious.

So one such curio comes up to me, with a very brand centric view of life in her back pocket, and asks me to what end I’m developing my brand.

Babe, I’m not branding. I’m cooking. Take it down a notch.

To that, she told me that I must be blogging or posting for some reason; either to build something for myself out of it, or perhaps its just because I like the attention.

I was a little put off. Too put off in fact, to explain myself well. So here this goes.

I’m going to have to work for the rest of my life. That’s just the state of things. So far, I have managed to maintain a steady upward sweep.

I started in a diner. I worked in catering. I busted my ass as a Culinary Instructors Assistant. I ran my own baking classes. I decorated cakes and learned how to manage an office. Now I’m a buyer and even though my job is pretty physical, most of it is desk work and interpersonal skills.

I would like to continue to move upward, staying rooted in small businesses with a background in hospitality.

There is no job within the span of my goals that doesn’t include Social Media Navigation and Content Creation. IF you think I’m wrong, you may need to consider the span of your own goals, and be a little more open minded.

There aren’t many jobs coming in the future that won’t involve some type of on line presence.

So I have taken my hobby and turned it into my focus and am slowly learning how to do things like flat lays and how to conquer bad lighting and what separates a good call to actions from a lame one.

I have started and deleted almost 10 blogs in the past two years. I have experimented with work social when I can to test the balance between humor and insult. But I can say that I honestly am learning.

It’s a drag though, for sure, to learn something via trial and error while everyone you know and 1,989 strangers watch.

I don’t discredit going to school for ‘Social Media Management’ and I also support a lot of the on line courses given by people, mostly women, who have found success and want to share, but I am constantly saying that ‘Self Taught’ is the new ‘Graduate Degree’ so I’m going to stick it out.

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