Did Millennials Kill the Mushroom Industry?

In the past two months I have begged information from multiple sources regarding the quality and efficacy of several brands of medicinal mushrooms. I have heard people with something to gain make claims and I have encouraged people with nothing to gain to talk over them.

I have been on the most desperate of side quests for a high quality, potent, affordable medicinal mushroom supplement, not to capitalize on per say, but to feed the growing interest in this fascinating pocket of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have heard about mycelia versus fruiting bodies. I have uncovered starches and I have learned literally almost nothing because there are so few unpaid sources dealing with such a small amount of information.

Apparently reliable lab tests are scarce in this department.

There are only two things I can say for sure. Every person who is serious about mushrooms, makes a sort of begrudgingly fond face when asked about Four Sigmatic and says that despite their Gen-Pop packaging and easy peasy usage, they are a good product.

I literally haven’t heard a bad thing about them. With a potency appropriate for mainstream consumption and flexible price points, they make this mushroom mystery not only explorable but affordable.

The other thing I have learned is that when I first started seeking this information there was a sense of urgency on the market for high quality mushroom products. There were constant customer demands for more and for better.

But suddenly, there is nothing. People are still buying Four Sigmatic because of how easy to use and likely how effective it is. But they aren’t asking for more. They aren’t looking for deeper. I don’t think many of them care anymore.

In order to remain happy and whole I need to believe that I wasn’t alone in my frustration regarding the over saturation of false facts in this field. And it comforts me to know that this smoke screen could have been the industries very own undoing.

Diluting stats with terms that are positive but irrelevant like ‘full spectrum’ and tricking people into consuming more powdered grain than mushroom doesn’t create a sustainable environment for long term sales. Mostly because practices like that can never deliver on all of the efficacy that they promise. And it’s efficacy that drives repeat sales in the supplement industry.

So it’s possible that the mushroom fad is on its way out. And i’m pleased to announce who the winner is from my perspective. Kudos to Four Sigmatic for converting such a huge population of consumers to their tribe during such a limited window. Kudos for being around for much longer than people usually assume but using branding smartly to always appear current. And kudos for promising to be accessible and easy and effective and delivering fully on those three simple things, instead of running a laundry list of promises into the ground.

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