Raise Your Bar.

I’m usually a huge fan of bars. I love the concept of a lot of nutrition being shrunken down into a little bitty baby package. I’m okay with the concept of a lot of filling calories being shrunken down into something that can fit in the palm of your hand. But. I am literally super not cool with a lot of garbage being shrunken down so you can basically just unhinge your jaw a little and swallow it in one go.

That’s a trap.

And unfortunately, as much as I love the bars that I love, there are so many other bars that I think fall short.

I’m not gonna name them. This isn’t a call out post for people who make bad Protien bars. It is instead, horrifyingly enough, a call out for people who make bad decisions.

We are being sold bars constantly. They are at check out and they are on Instagram and they are pretty colors and interesting and supposedly healthy and amazing.

But they are also the most financially accessible but least nutritiously dense aspect of a wellness culture that has swept through the coastal homes of this country.

The Wellness Movement is enormous. It generates millions of dollars a minute, maybe. But it also costs a lot of money each day for those who want to participate in it.

Cue graphic of Instagram likes popping up on the screen.

If you want to fit in, it seems like you’ve got to be eating the perfect bar (wink wink) whenever you’re feeling a little malnourished.

But what the majority of people think it’s okay to skip is that the influencer who is eating a condensed rectangle of pea Protien, almond butter and more likely than not, SUGAR, at 10 am, also ate a mixed greens salad with a fillet of salmon and some roasted sweet potatoes for lunch. That bar is not what they use to sustain their picture of health.

It’s just the part of ‘health’ that is easiest to eat.

It’s the part of ‘health’ that may taste the best to you.

And it’s the part of ‘health’ that you might be able to afford to partake in on a daily basis.

To start off, try to remember that nut butters don’t really offer enough protien to make their fat content worth your while. Bars with higher densities often require a gallon of water to move through you, (if you know what I mean). And honestly, they aren’t actually all that filling.

Apples, bananas and oranges are all just as easy to transport. Just as easy to eat on the go. And even tastier.

Their packaging is 100% biodegradable and they are 100% natural. Buy organic if you can, fair trade if it’s available. And don’t be ashamed because your lunch gets compared to a kindergarten snack time. Be proud and show off the fact that the way you participate in this wellness world is simply by eating soluble fiber and fructose and vitamins that are plants, not made in a plant.


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