The Less Sweet Life – 3 Foods I Use Everyday to Shake Sugar

The road to a sugar free lifestyle is paved with setbacks, failures and obligatory birthday cakes, but it is 100% a road worth traveling. My journey to quit sugar started for me when I quit my job. A job that I loved by included too many cupcakes for breakfast and frosting taste tests.

In order for me to get to a place where I don’t consume any sugar, I need time and I need a lot of help. Each month I’m still noticing what feels like a significant improvement in the way I not only eat sugar, but also the way I feel regarding sugar. It’s been three years. For that, I have my own determination and three awesome products to thank.

When I first really sat down and considered that sugar might be doing serious damage to my body, the most glaringly obvious part of my diet was the several cups of sweetened tea I was consuming each day. I know there are plenty of people out there who prefer two or three coffees or coffee flavored beverages every day, but for me it was always English Breakfast, light and sweet.

To fill the void left behind by that unassuming indulgence, I searched high and low, through all the varieties of Yogi tea and alt sweeteners with what amounted to very little luck.

Until one day I tried Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea and was completely hooked forever. Whereas so many tea blends are being designed to include stevia leaf (ugh) or five or six extra adaptogenic herbs (unnecessary) the Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea from H&S is only sweetened with the inclusion of sweet clove.

This is right up there for me in quality with ‘Fruit Sweetened’ and the flavor is amazing. Its perfect hot after a four or five minute steep and the cinnamon flavor is refreshing enough that it makes a great summer tea as well. The only problem is, you have got to get the one in the tin. The new less expensive line they have put out in the cardboard (sans signature silk sachets) just don’t have the same sweetness.

Once I had a solid replacement for my morning ritual, I needed something to replace my mourning ritual. Lol. I needed chocolate. I needed it bad and I’m still not above consuming cane sugar if the call of the cacao is strong enough. But an unsweetened option was what I wanted.

The alt sweetened bars which I have to admit, yes I am obsessed with the variety, are great but they weren’t cutting it for me personally. Even though the coconut sugar and cashew milk chocolate from Eating Evolved and the Mulberry Sweetened super-food bars from Freaky Health Chocolate were so good, their price point was too high to economically take the place of all of the chocolate I consumed.

One day I found the answer I had been waiting for in the bulk bin. The Cacao Goji Energy Squares have literally been heaven sent, with their fudgey chocolatey texture, their fruity sweetness and their seriously rich dark cocoa flavor, they are absolutely my go to.

When that bulk bin is empty, I cry.

Navitas does make a back up in a package if you ever find your bulk bin empty (probably because I just rolled through town) or if you need a gluten and dairy free product with more accountability than a bulk bar can offer.

With my two biggest sugar traps filled, I felt so much better about the journey that I was on. It was so much more doable all of a sudden. But life gets in the way and holidays happen and cravings can be so hard to deal with.

So if you are attempting to give up cane sugar, I have to recommend that you look into supplementing your diet with Spirulina in any form you can get it.

Spirulina has been used for decades as a holistic tool for overcoming addictions because the enormous payload of protein, vitamins and minerals in just one teaspoon brings a sense of satiety I’ve literally never experienced from anything else.

You can find Spirulina at most health food stores and a tsp in your water bottle first thing in the morning or before they cut the cake has always worked for me to cut cravings (when I use it in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. Its not a tool for crash dieting).

You can add Spirulina to a smoothie or to your water like I mentioned, but reader beware, this stuff has a funk.

A prominent funk. And it might not go down easy.

The only two products I’ve ever been able to find that use Spirulina in a concentration high enough to really satisfy all of my cravings, without tasting like a walk on the peer are; The Almond Spirulina POWERHOUSE bar from ShantiBar and the Spirulina Cacao Mulberry bar from Elemental SuperFoods

I know, I have endlessly mixed feelings about bars, so many of them are low quality and low nutrient and high high sugar. But these two brands are very clean with no sugar added and to find a snack that not only satisfied your crunchy chewing craving with interesting textures, but also your guts and your brains with a satiating secret weapon is so amazing.

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