Is Inclusivity in a Staged Photo, Staged Inclusivity?

If you are a brand, everything about your brand is intentional.

Every stone and brick of your business was laid. You exist because of the choices you’ve made, the people you have hired and the community you set out to serve.

It’s your responsibility to use your MONEY to REPRESENT each and every one of your customers and potential customers too.

Reblogging free content created by BIPOC Folx on the interwebs in crap.

But HIRING people to create recipes and content using your product in ways that are unique to their life, their culture and their pallets is IMPORTANT.

It isn’t fake if you are doing it because you value all of your customers.

It is’t fake if you sincerely want to change the landscape of the food industry to be a more inclusive space with better representation.

It isn’t fake if you are paying for it.

It’s a choice and it reflects growth and awareness.

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