What to Send Friend?

Sans Bakery is completely gluten free and a large portion of their offerings are also Vegan.

My top recs from their menu is the banana bread and the LAMINGTONS which are criminally delicious.

A friend of mine with SEVERE celiacs eats them with no problem, so I feel really confident sending them to anyone.

Your friends can Sip Something Sensational for weeks if you send them one of the awesome Gift Boxes from Brooklyn Tea

You can select a theme for the Gift Box; fruity, floral, or beginner level tea lover. And keep an eye on their website during the year because they parter with other companies to make specialty boxes. Their Mothers Day box came with Small Batch Charcoal Soap and Tea Steeping Accessories.

Okay, this one is really niche. But hopefully it will be good gift inspo anyway. This is a box of snack sized Bjorn Corn; a vegan and solar piped brand of ‘Cheezy’ Pop Corn.

Bjorn Corn is usually a retail brand and we all have a favorite one of those. If you check out your BBFs fave snacks website, there is a great chance they will either offer a gift box or ‘sampler’ that makes a great gift, especially during, ‘these times’ when going to the grocery store is more of an essential task and not a fun time.

Blondery makes an awesome and v luxurious looking brownie box. Their variety package is pictured and they make a tiny ‘Sample Box’ as well. So you can send the big boy to a friend and have the sample box delivered to yourself.

The brownies are shipped frozen and vacuum sealed so they are gonna be Fresh AF when they arrive wherever the hell your friends are.

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