Why Recipe Development is Worth the Investment

Absolutely, showcasing your product in a way that facilitates people not only eating it but also using it is going to help to grow your sales and your on line engagement, but it’s also the easiest way to expand your brand image.

  1. If you want your brand to be sincerely inclusive, than use your product in ways that anyone can see themselves doing. Not only that, but show your product being used by people who your customer can see themselves emulating.
  2. If you want to make sure your brand is not just a flash in the pan, give customers more ways to use it. Give a customer 6 ways to use your product you are bettering the odds of your product remaining in their life. A simple snack can be replaced by another simple snack. But if they are baking you into cookies, adding you to smoothies, covering you in chocolate and/or adding to pasta dishes, you become irreplaceable.
  3. Create more value to brand partners by basing hookups and collabs on recipes and real life co-usage. Establish images and connections on social that will follow people to the grocery stores and lead to increased sales.
  4. Spark imagination. Some of the best ideas for using your product will not come from your R&D team but from your real and creative customers. So if you can inspire them by taking the first step, their unique perspectives will pay off in more content. Reward and Credit them for it however you are able to.
  5. Engage taste buds by taking your sweet product and using it in a savory application. Do vice versa with your savory ingredients. You will appeal to more of a crowd and increase the occasions your product is purchased for.

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