Supplementing Folate or B9

It seems like a sought after supplement during pregnancy, which makes sense.

Deficiencies in Folate can lead to a breakdown in the creation of DNA, genes and chromosomes, which might explain why it’s such a regularly prescribed prenatal supplement, as these stakes are at their highest when a body is attempting to manage two sets of chromosomal data.

But people take it as daily wellness support too. It’s popular, although also pretty misunderstood. Technically it’s just Vitamin B9 with a fancy name. But like with all the B Vitamins, theres more than one way to take it.

FOLATE is the natural form of Vitamin B-9, found in green leafy veggies as well as the cruciferous crew.

Folate is transformed in to 5MTHT by your intestines and filtration organs. 5MTHT is the biologically available form of B9.

Folic Acid as a supplement is the synthetic form of B9 and requires the intestines and the filtration organs of a body to covert it into it’s more bio-available form.

When you are browsing supplements, look for either Folate, which will speak to the whole food sources going in to your pill, or look for Methyl Folate, which is the supplements industry name for 5MTHT and is already at it’s peak bioavailability.

Studies have been done on folks using Folic Acid as a supplement and because of the process of converting the Folic Acid into something that your body can use, a back up is very likely to occur.

It’s like that classic episode of Everybody Loves Liver. She’s pulling as much Folic Acid out of your blood as she possible can and changing it in to something your body can actually use, but the blood stream conveyor belt is just going faster and faster. And she’s missing pieces of Folic Acid and they are starting to build up.

Before you know it, it’s been 24 hours and you’re taking another dose like a big dummy.

Over dosing (not overdosing) Folic Acid can put unnecessary stress on your filtration organs and can skew blood tests to make it look like you have tons of Vitamin B in your blood, when in reality, you only have this one very specific B in your blood, leaving you at risk for an undiagnosed B12 deficiency, which is actually hella dangerous.

Getting Folate from food sources and supplementing with MTHT when necessary or prescribed by a doctor seems like the best and most sustainable choice.

If I could go back in time, I would switch out my high doses of Folic Acid for lower doses of MTHT to avoid compounding tons of work onto my little liver.

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