Don’t Knee-Cap Your Brand

Is a product any better if you call it really good rather than just good. No.

Knee-capping words themselves lack power and instead they act as a drain of focus and attention, away from the subject of your sentence.

As I began applying this advice to my life, it made me think. We knee-cap things besides sentences in this world. Constantly.

Most notably, I see brands knee-cap themselves. All. The. Time.

A few months ago a man came into the shop and asked if the buyer was around. I was happy to meet him because I was in a good mood that day and happily heard out his sales pitch.

He made a cereal.

The ingredients of that cereal kept it in line with the Keto diet and lifestyle.

That’s literally, fine.

The problem though, was that the name of his company was “KETO CEREAL”.

He had effectively ‘Knee-capped’ his entire brand by conflating it with one, simple, god willingly short lived diet trend.

I brought this up to him.

He actually agreed with me, said he had mentioned that concern to the co-owners of his brand but the appeal! The flash-in-the-pan level of feral desire that people have for Keto goods this week and Paleo food last week and Solar Energy next month was so valuable, that they decided to create an entire brand image on it.

This is why to me, the hype that surrounds diets is not only scary when I think about it from a consumer point of view, but also from a brand owners point of view.

Diets and fads are enticing but they are not the apple cart to hitch thine wagon to. The are the apple carts that your wagon should be able to travel next to for a little while if you want and then possibly pass on the road when the apple cart inevitably combusts into a flaming pile of monk fruit and lawsuits.

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