How to Run A Give Away That Gives Back

For Local Brands – A give away only really makes sense if you see the folks entering becoming real customers one day. So I can only imagine the frustration when a Brooklyn Made Brand runs a give away and someone in Ohio wins it.

Yea of course on line shoppers are valid but if you are a locally grown start up, the other coast is not where ‘your people’ are, not right now anyway. A simple, must have a valid XX State Mailing address is a quick stipulation that can be added to any giveaway but to avoid fine print, you can go further. Title it your Home TownX Give Away! One lucky Home Towner will win.

You can also back this up by promoting your give away in small efforts via community pages and tags to increase relevant traffic. Which is more meaningful than what you will pull in from the #giveaway page anyway.

For Brands Who Want to Grow – Market research is a real thing. Brands may choose to spend time, money and effort on digging deep in to data at any given point during their run, especially if they are poised for an expansions.

But the amount of work that goes in to that, might make you feel like a casual pulse check just isn’t something you can do.

But you’re in luck. You can run a Give Away as though it were a market research project.

The first step is to give your give away a little bit of a longer run time, call it your June Give Away which will create multiple opportunities for you to let your customer base on line, and in person know that it’s going on. Because of the longer draw time, I recommend a larger prize, (more product).

Then create an anchor post. Ask for applicants to enter to win by commenting below with their answer to a question.

If you ask them to share their favorite way to use your product you will learn how your product fits in to customers homes.

If you ask them where they last purchased your product, you will learn where they are shopping and what stores need more attention.

If you ask them to guess what your next flavor will be, you will learn what your customers like and want.

If you ask them to tag their favorite person to share your product with, you will receive a look book of your demographic.

For Brands Who Want to Pay It Forward – so your numbers are good? Your growth is steady. You love your customers and they love you. Your Instagram is hopping and bopping; the perfect blend of authentic and curated.

Reach out to smaller brands! Reach out to smaller brands and partner with them for a giveaway. Let them run it. Advertise it and direct traffic back to their page.

Pick a smaller, newer brand who makes a product that compliments yours. Pick a newer brand with an owner who reminds you of yourself when you were younger. Pick a new brand with an owner who doesn’t remind you of yourself at all.

But create the movement and traffic for them that you wanted when you were their size. Welcome them in to the community. Approve of them publicly.

Share your customer base and your space with them.

It will be worth it. There is literally enough to go around.

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