Turning Clicks into Customers

And that single spike was the brands first Give Away.

What does a Give Away do for your brand and your “Social Media Presence”? Well despite seeming like a dirty trick to get clicks, it is actually a good method for creating traffic, connections and later on sales.

Below is a list of everything that is contained within the experience of a Give Away and what each of those moving pieces mean for your eventual sales.

  1. Every Give Away has Rules – I’ve never seen a Give Away that was completely no strings attached, although the strings are usually very very light. Maybe in order to enter, applicants need to be following two brands or a few influencers. Not hard work. And it’s great because it helps the pages involved increase their follower count. More people see your brand. More people are exposed to your product and you are creating traffic, not only to your page, but to the pages of people who use your product on social media! (You can ask applicants to do more! But thats so much info, I had to make a second blog post called How to Run a Give Away that gives back.)
  2. Every Give Away has Applicants – Every person who enters your giveaway wants to win. And in their minds eye, they are seeing themselves, inundated with free product, posting about opening the box, loving each product, using it in their lives, telling their friends. The people who have entered the Give Away are PRIMED for a purchase. You’re on their vision boards now baby. It’s only a matter of time. (Literally, every time my mom tags me in a weighted blanket give away I get closer and closer to buying one. And thankfully, I know exactly where to look when I want to purchase, because she tags me twice a week minimum.)
  3. Every Give Away has a Winner – Someone is going to win. Someone is going to be grateful and excited. Someone is going to get started off on the right foot with your brand. Yea you had to set them up with a starter pack and a big ol’ pile of attention from their peers, but they are hooked now. What an exciting and joyful first memory they have with you. They are going to use your product and the odds are very good that they will buy it again.

Do I have the data to back these claims up, no, not really. But human experience is my source for how winning a Give Away makes people feel. And growth through demonstrated community building and freebees isn’t exactly hot news in the Social Media World.

If you are interested in holding a giveaway for your brand, check out another blog post I have on the topic, where I word-vomit ideas about how to get the most out of your applicants.

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