Market, Market, Marketing

The downward spiral is not news to anyone. In fact hardly anything is news anymore.

There are rare pockets of people who I find, absolutely thriving right now. To be honest, I thought I was one of them. I thought every pot I had my hand in was an unsinkable ship.

If you don’t like mixed metaphors or dumb sentence structures in general, X out now fam.

But then something sort of happened. I think it might have been a wake up call, IDK. The positions I’m in, the restrictions that come and go with numbers on a screen, I’m vulnerable.

But the path to immortality is clear. Marketing. I basically feel that I have 6 months to get really fucking good at Marketing before I become completely (not sure if unemployable is the right word even though it packs more of a punch, but) obsolete (or plateaued feels better.)

For anyone who finds themselves in the same position, dangling precariously by word of mouth you might also need to explore not only how to market your place of work, but how to like, do it well. So that it converts into actual money.

The time of Instagram influencers getting companies traffic is over and Social Selling is on the rise.

In store Demos are suddenly illegal and like, something has to be done.

In my attempt to get really really fucking good at marketing quickly and for free, I have stumbled on a few resources that I’m excited to either store here for antiquity and my eyes only or share with you if you’re still reading.

The first is this article on Medium. It sums up every reason I’ve ever though that marketing was a dead art, only perusable to robots and nightmare humans. It also confirmed at the end that marketing, when done well, is just a conversation.

The second thing, I’ve found is Muck Rack Trends Tracker. So far it’s a completely free service. Say you’ve been tasked with managing the publicity for a company. You would search trends for all of that company’s key words and name components.

You might come up with some publicity you didn’t know existed or data to support your worthwhile-ness. But more likely you’ll find people whose job it is to write about stuff who are specifically interested in the stuff that is your stuff.

Finally, I want to talk about video content. In March DIY Video BootCamp was on the rise, because there is no more face to face and reels is as close as we can get.

I’ve noticed a drop off in that, or maybe it’s just been drowned out by like, actual video content inspired by the how-to’s.

I think Social Selling and the idea of doing that as a company, with a representative, instead of as a person at the behest of a company, should translate into being just about as successful as in store demos were.

We’ll see. I’ll report back. Hopefully before my six months is up.

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