Can You Over Supplement? Chapter: C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water soluble nutrient, which is why so many of us have always grown up believing you can’t really over do it on C. Whatever your cells can’t take will be flushed from your body quickly and easily.

We take in as much as we can every day, either via food or supplements, our cells take what they can hold and use and the rest we pee out.

However, if you take a massive dose of supplemental vitamin C, your body may need to purge it in a way that is more urgent than plain old number 1. So you may experience nausea or diarrhea.

This is unpleasant but it’s still within the realms of your body safely regulating itself. It’s also a great teaching moment. As in, your body is teaching you what it’s limit is and you should listen next time.

If you fail to listen to your body while it’s shitting out your mistakes at warp speed, you may encounter some even worse side effects.

Since Vitamin C facilitates the absorption of Iron, too much Vitamin C can result in too much Iron.

Further more, asking your kidneys to constantly eliminate so much excess Vitamin C (and the waste products it’s metabolism creates) can lead to Kidney Stones, which are a major drag.

Vitamin C supplements are great once in a while. We need it every day and if you look at your life an your diet and see that it’s severely lacking fresh fruit and vegetables, maybe an occasional Vitamin C will help you out when it comes to cold and flu season and your ability to heal injuries.

But for a person who eats healthy 6 days a week, a huge heavy hitting vitamin C supplement might not be useful or cost effective.

As always, everything in this article is sourced from healtlline, the article I used for the post is here.

I don’t work for them or anything, and if you prefer other sources, please do recommend them to me. I love new websites. But the reason I like Healthline so much is because even now, during this time of sensationalized and desperate wellness info, Healtlline has stayed pretty much unchanged in their perspectives, sourcing practices and tone.

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