Can You Over Supplement? Chapter Zinc

In preparation for every cold and flu season for the past 4 years, I have ordered a mix of zinc products, probably about 300 units in total; lozenges, supplements, pills, and candy. Each carrying within its humble serving size, your daily dose of Zinc.

If I had been gifted foresight in January 2020 (and as a condition of my foresight wasn’t actually able to do anything useful to prevent the deaths of millions of people), I probably would have eaten a few slices of street pizza (because I miss that!), cried, and then ordered roughly 72,000 units of zinc for work.

Because like, shit. Everyone and their mother was on the zinc train for a while, a lot of them still are. But like with everything that gets sensationalized, we are finding out that too much of a good thing is still a bad thing.

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