A Product That Can Take Care of Itself

This is why even though it brings me a lot of joy to very carefully care for products, when I see a product that requires careful care I’m usually very skeptical.

As a business owner the best thing that you can do for your product is build it in a way that allows that product to take care of itself.

Build a product that can withstand poor merchandising. Build a product that can withstand 100 customers hands touching it every day

And build a product that can even withstand the elements on its way home from the grocery store.

This is a product that you are never going to have to worry about. It’s a product that you’ll be able to trust on its journey from small town grocery stores to large chains.

What’s even more amazing is that a product that is built to be reliable and a product that you don’t have to take care of is a product that will be better able to take care of you.

When you build a product that’s very reliable you build a brand that customers can really trust and depend on.

You’re building the kind of product that can be recommended freely and with confidence.

And that’s the sort of brand that has the most growing power.

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