Baker and Buyer

recipe development – free honesty

Hi, I’m Diana. I had a ten year career working in the food industry, mostly teaching cooking classes and catering. Then I transitioned almost entirely against my will to the health food scene. I’ve worked as the buyer at an NYC Health Food Store for the last three years.

I really love finding small businesses that make a unique and interesting product.

When I look at a product, the two things I see most clearly are aspects that can be improved, and applications for real world use.

You can email me before you hit the distribution stage for a super honest product review from a buyer, completely for free.

Or you reach out for recipe development and real world product placement plans, completely not for free.

Either way, I’d love to meet you.

My most recent side-hustle is writing just, tons and tons of copy.

My favorite hobby is writing almost academic style articles about the food and wellness industry. You can find them on my blog page.

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