Baker and Buyer

content creation, recipe dev, marketing? project 10/21

Hey there. I’m Diana. I had a ten year career as an Inflammation Saleslady.

You know, a Sugar Slinger.

Yea, I was a pastry cook. I taught cooking classes (was super good at it, got yelp famous) and did catering for a handful of places.

And then when I intended to take a break I accidentally transitioned into the Natural Foods Industry.

Fell in deep, been here for four years probably never leaving.

Right now I work as the Buyer at a health food store in lower Manhattan and really love my job.

I met so many great people that I started freelancing on the side.

First I organized educational events between staffs/students and herbalists/brand educators and that was fun.

Now I mostly do freelance by working for brands, recipe dev stuff, content creation and I dabble in sales, marketing and community management

I’m planning a small launch in October 21 for a new serviceable product that I think will help small brands and large niche brands.

It’s basically guaranteed to be fire because I collect perspectives in this industry like most people collect Instagram followers.

Send me an email for almost any reason you can think of (no gross shit). I’m friendly

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