Baker and Buyer

Bakers and Buyers. Isn’t that what this platform – this world – has made out of all of us? How many banana breads can we bake and how many trendy new products can we buy. I think these two things are really at the center of the wellness movement on social media, but for me, they are also at the center of my life.


After ten years of being a baker (and catering, and chef instructor, and food writer) I realized that the way my health was rapidly declining was not normal and it didn’t need to continue being my normal either. Extricating myself from the world of cupcakes for breakfast wasn’t easy. It has taken time and it will take more time, but making a big life change has helped a lot. I got a new job as the buyer at a real cute East Village Health Food Store where I can surround myself with fantastic every day choices, while also doing a little less work with my body and more work with my mind.


To keep myself entertained and to help to expand on the relationships that I’ve been forming with brand owners and herbalists and just so many interesting people who have R E A L  J O B S in wellness, not just Instagram accounts, I’ve started organizing some really topical informational exchange events.

Most of these exchanges are done over email and the resulting articles are posted here, but twice a month we do try to meet up I R L for something that vaguely resembles a book club, but without the books.

Anybody can come, provided that have interest so to get added to the mailing list, drop me an email. You’ll also get some emails about other things posted here and sometimes, words of encouragement.