We’re probably like 50% corn.

I know. Not what you were expecting.

But it’s true. And I like to tell people. Because there is nothing that drives home into the America Corn-Made brain that we are what we eat.

I think the misconception is that we are a living creature. We synthesize our own mass and use food as the energy to do it. And then whats left of the food after where done with it, becomes waste.

But forcing them to realize, on a deep level, that as we eat, our body uses that food to create our new cells and tissues usually causes one of those light bulb moments.

We are not able to create mass from nothing. We simply convert the mass we ingest into the mass that we need.

Say we donate blood. Now our body has an urgent need to create more.

We’ll need energy to accomplish this, but we also need material.

The food we take in will offer us calories, or units of heat energy to burn, and raw materials.

Our body breaks that food down into its lowest common denominator – CARBON and then uses that carbon, the literal building blocks of all life, to create new cells and new tissues that our body has a need for.

As Americans, our diets are heavily corn. It took me a really long time to get through The Omnivore’s Dilema because I found that so much of that book shook me to my core.

In that book, a DNA test is referenced that can tell you what percentage of your body is built from corn derived building blocks.

There’s also an article linked here, that goes more into detail about how to test works.

If you took this test tomorrow, what would you be? Like honestly, how much of your mass is Soy? How much is Corn? Is any of it Celery? Can they even test specifically for Celery? I think that would be pretty cool.



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