5 Reasons why Demo-Person Should be the New Hot Job of 2019


In every corner of the world, someone has something to sell.

In the corners of the world where Whole Foods reigns, everyone with something to sell needs to set up a little table and offer samples if they want to sell effectively.

The product demo has spent the last 10 years permeating the mainstream until the thing most associated with free samples is no longer a Costco employee in a hairnet, but perhaps a young friendly female in the isles of your grocery store offering you a bite and a story.

As is the way with most service positions, it isn’t a very well respected job and the number of people who take time out of their shopping trip to learn a little bit about a brand from a friendly face is dwarfed by the number of people who sail on by as if their Air Pods have rendered them not only deaf, but also blind, to the pitch.

But aside from all that, the demand for the job grows. People open businesses every day and flood the market with more and more products. Business owners can frequently be found running their own demos but {1} as every progressing generation proves to be better than the last when it comes to delegating work, we are seeing more outsiders brought in to handle this task specifically.

Now, who is being attracted to these jobs? Well I guess that depends on the area and the brand but the majority, from where I’m sitting, is younger women. There’s no coincidence that younger women also make up the majority of engaged and ‘conscious’ consumers on Instagram. {2} In the age of the influencer, brands have become very posh, and any job that offers proximity to those brands, has a certain appeal. This is the start of the true validation of this job as a career. The more validated by the public a job becomes, the more new people it attracts, and the more sustainable it becomes.

But how is it possible, that all these young women are willing to devote themselves to a job, no less a career, supporting someone else’ hustle.

Aren’t  they independent? Isn’t this the generation of leaving bosses behind? What about the life style brand that they are undoubtedly building for themselves? {3} Ten years ago there was no job available that could adequately prepare you for running your own small business, but now we have a balance of entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs that is proving to be mutually beneficial.

These girls pour out of their college classes, which are what is expected of them, knowing that without internships, networking and experience, their degree won’t stack up on the job market. They need something {4} part time that will allow them to continue focusing on school, or perhaps a day job, but will make an impact in the minds of a future employer or investor. Regardless of whether or not the brand they rep for sticks around, the experience they have gained is priceless.

So far, you’re with me right, but there are thousands of brand reps. Dozens make daily visits to Whole Foods alone. Can all of these reps be seeing this as a gateway to their own learning and their own career? No. Those people bring life to the industry but the folks doing it for a paycheck offer a dependability that will keep it alive when interest wains.

So who’s doing it for the paycheck? Well, to put it frankly, the sick. Wellness is the buzz word of the year and Wellness Products are flooding the market. Keep in mind that Auto Immune diagnoses are at an all time high. {5} There is an amazing and unprecedented correlation between Wellness based brands offering part time work for passionate representation and individuals limited to part time low impact work wanting to take part in the Wellness Revolution; wanting to take back their health and serve as the only qualified party to recommend these products. 

The caveat in the Wellness World is that you can’t tell someone to take something. You aren’t a doctor. But if you yourself have taken a product, and you have had good results from it, you can share that story. Snagging a sales person like that is as good as gold for a wellness company. 

There is an excellent company that just hit the market called In: Total Wellness. Simone, the founder has three formulas based in the teachings of Ancient Chinese Medicine to combat the three most common problems in today’s world; Pain, Anxiety and Insomnia.

In the last year she has had three sales representatives and each of them used the product to combat symptoms of their auto immune disease(s). I can say this because I was one of them. I sell that product hard, because it helped me and I understand pain with a type of empathy that you don’t often get in the isles of a grocery store.

So in closing, if you want to learn, if you want a side hustle, if you want to share your story and contribute to the industry that contributes to your well being every day, go.  Go find a brand you are passionate about and contact them. It can be a Popsicle you love. It can be your favorite pasta, it can be the little packet of magic that lets you sleep at night. Go to their website, email them, and tell them you want to contribute to their success.

You’ll be contributing to your own success in the long run.

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