Large food conventions are great because they really allow you to take in a huge amount of information regarding trends and movement in the industry all at once.

This year at the summer fancy food show, I noticed that the oil situation is really worth noting.

The second booth I visited was a hot sauce, beautiful and very delicious but their first ingredient was Canola Oil.

If you eat Canola Oil, I literally don’t care. If you consume large amounts of any oil, that’s probably trouble and you probably know it.

The representative at this booth asked for my contact and I declined. I wouldn’t take them on at the store, which serves a very clear anti-canola oil demographic. When I let her know that this was the case, she informed me that they used canola oil because it could withstand high temperatures and then have a long shelf life better than other oils.

Maybe this is true. It’s too irrelevant to fact check.


I don’t have any way of knowing how long avocado oil and safflower oil and sunflower oil will remain in the good/better graces of the health and wellness industry.

But I can tell you, I know lots of hot sauces and cooking sauces that use them and have perfectly reasonable shelf lives.

And more importantly to me, use of one of these alt oils also usually implies two things.

1. When these more expensive oils are used, the brand usually uses as little of it as physically possible. Primal Kitchen is an anomaly with its avocado oil vinaigrettes, but for the most part, when a product contains avocado oil, they are using it sparingly. That means you are going to be consuming it sparingly. Which regardless of the type of oil you choose to consume, should be how you consume it.

2. Second, I like to see that companies are attempting to stay current. At this particular show there was a ‘natural food pavilion’. Canola oil lady was out of her element, surrounded by thousands of other companies that were attempting to stay hip and ahead of the curve because they not only know that the new customers care about ingredients, they are able to anticipate what those customers might like. On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve got one brand that listed ‘rapeseed oil’ in their products ingredients list. This company knows that customers these days like to read ingredients, but assumes we’re all too stupid to know what rapeseed oil is.


Rapeseed oil is what canola oil used to be called before it was GMOed to be safer for human consumption and produced out of Canada. That’s the Can in Canola.

But now apparently Rapeseed oil is experiencing a renaissance and being GMOed to be safe for human consumption and grown artisinally, mostly out of Britain. It’s poised for a comeback but I won’t be participating just on principle.



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