Why Recipe Development is Worth the Investment

now more than ever.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product you make; if it’s a food, that means it can be an ingredient.

Sure some products have an easier time adapting, but really there isn’t a single brand that I’ve seen that should feel restricted to the ‘Ready to Eat’ space.

Is Inclusivity in a Staged Photo, Staged Inclusivity?

Right now there is a lot of confusion on Instagram regarding fair and just representation by brands.

The desire that exists within hypothetically equitable and inclusive brands to make sure that their entire customer base feels seen by them, is at war with the unbelievably cringe practice of tokenization.

But this is my hot take on the matter.

What to Send Friend?

Times are tough and I’m not allowed to see my friends.

And yet, they have the nerve, to age!? despite this? Despite my being unable to administer birthday hugs and punches in equal number!? In complete disregard to the fact that I am currently being advised by the government to not kiss them on their beautiful faces!?


So here I am, criss-crossing the country via US Postal and hoping for the best.

If you too are suffering from long term social distancing, here are some really fun gift boxes to send your friends.

Laxatives That Fly Under the Wellness Radar

Because they are lit

For the most part, I stay as far away as possible from anything that claims to have an affect on the rate that people eliminate waste, or can be associated with laxatives in any way, unless its 72floz of water.

Most people who have witnessed the sort of results that laxative addiction, dependance and abuse can cause hopefully agree with me. But the Wellness Industry does have a few widely used laxative loopholes.