On Site Wellness Education

I love teaming up with my nutritionist BFF and taking our usual shtick on the road. Let us come to your office and treat your staff to an afternoon of honest, approachable and interactive lessons in health and self care. We love to incorporate local brands and businesses into our events so that as your staff learn how to nurture and nourish themselves, they will also be finding new ways to return that nourishment to their community.

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Health Food Store Help Out

I have dedicated the last three years of my life to creating a health food store staff that loves to learn, loves to inform and loves serving our thousands of loyal customers each day. I’ve also stream lined many technical training procedures and cracked the code on how to interact with brokers and distribution reps in a way that saves my company money every day. Now let me help you do it too.

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Join Our Next Book Club

If you have a brand or product that you want to share with the world, the Baker&Buyer IRL network is a great place to start. They come together to listen to herbalists, nutritionists, and sustainable brand owners share their stories and some of them would like to hear yours as well! You’ll get two hours of real discussion with interested NYC customers. That means you’ll have the chance to talk about your passion and listen to their questions and feedback about it. It’s like a mini think tank, but with coffee.

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